Religious Superstition Kills 01: Volcano guy dies. Oops.


Very superstitious religious "holy man" dies trying to predict and appease a volcano by throwing offerings of rice and whatnot. People die with him.
Oh well.

As Merapi began spewing 1,800 degree Fahrenheit (1,000 Celsius) gases and thousands of villagers streamed down the mountain's slopes, Maridjan refused to budge, and more than a dozen people stayed, and perished, with him.

His rigid body was found Wednesday, prostrate on the ground in the typical Islamic prayer position and caked in heavy white soot.

Here's a thought: your prayers and offerings are nice, but do little to change the movements of the earth's crust, the stuff inside the planet and the little shakes and burps and hiccups of the tectonic plates. You're now dead, and people are falling over themselves trying to honour you and your idiotic business practices. Not to jump on your grave, but you really screwed up and you lead people to their deaths with your idiotic witchcraft, juju-magic, New-Old Age spiritualistic humbuggery. Your actions would be laughable if you hadn't inspired people to die along with you.

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