2006 IM Brazil race report.

Par, you're a retard.  But I'm glad you survived to tell the story.  You're starting to sound like a professional -- throwing a bone to all your sponsors in that race report.  Can't believe you still pulled of that time.  Must seem pretty uneventful being back at work.

>Subject: IRONMAN Brazil race report
>Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 09:29:20 -0700 (PDT)
>Me and my sister got sick with fever and persistent
>cough the day before the race, which made for the
>worst raceday morning I've had in 9 years of racing.
>Slept maybe 30min total the night before, feverchills
>the whole thing... all I could do was force myself to
>keep hydrating.
>Which I guess worked since I finished the race. But
>12:37 was about 1.5 hrs slower than I had hoped for.
>Nice mass start with fireworks and a big hot-air
>balloon on shore to help you find your way back on a
>sunny, calm morning. Super-easy swim conditions.
>Beautiful race course, great people, kids cheering all
>along the side of the road. Two laps with two
>not-very-challenging hills but enough to make you work
>pretty hard for a little bit and to give you some
>rather hairy downhill passages and a cool downhill
>decreasing-radius loop at a highway intersection.
>Confusing traffic cones all over the place but very
>few accidents from what I could tell. The policia
>militar was out in force and kept the cars in check.
>The run-course was rather fast, with a set of little
>nasty steep repeat hills that you had to do twice on
>the first long loop, but the second and third loop
>were shorter and flat, so easy day.
>All in all a great day with beautiful conditions.
>Ken Glah and Endurance Sports Travel had a ton of
>people there, and he runs a very smooth op with all
>the angles covered and tons of stuff to do for
>athletes and non-athletes alike. Some guy's bike and
>all his luggage ended up in O'Hare, but he did the
>race on Ken's bike, with a borrowed wetsuit/trisuit
>and bought shoes.
>The NEVERREACH hydration system worked great, again,
>especially with the quick-fill cap since there were so
>many aid stations with water and Gatorade.
>The athletes' dinner and party was great, but I missed
>most of it since I got more sick (woke up covered in
>sweat and walked back and forth in the hotel room with
>no clue where I was) and had to take care of a sister
>that kept on passing out in the hotel.
>I'm never doing another Ironman.
>But then again, that's what I said after IM Florida a
>year and a half ago.
>So now I'm back in San Dog and sick with bronchitis,
>yeay. When you leaving for the sandbox, tony?

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