Abortion. Thailand. Etc.


Let's not push this kind of stuff underground. Ugly things result.
Your body.
Your problem.
YOU decide what to do with it.

Ummmm to a point. Exactly where that point should be is in my mind ripe for decision by each individual society. I'm cool with each state determining if that point should be the third trimester or slightly earlier or slightly later. What goes into and comes out of your body is your business, or should be anyway. If you don't like what's growing inside your body - by all means, kill it. Unless it really can survive on its own fairly certainly WITHOUT medical intervention - or at least a ton of it. By then you're kinda, ...ummmm pretty committed, you know. Unless you just escaped from Josef Fritzl or you're Jaycee Lee Dugard or similar. Yes, I'm on shaky moral/philosophical ground here - but I'm more of a hey-this-works kinda guy than an "Everything's gotta be perfect and you should all think like me!" person.

So, horrible illegal tragedy that will be used by both sides of the often religiously-tinted abortion debate to attempt to bolster their argument. If your society determines that abortion should be illegal - then it should also provide funds to enforce that restriction. Or better yet don't tell women what they can and can't do with their own bodies, esp. in case of rape, incest, drug using mothers, underage victims of sex industry, etc.

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