Airport screening privacy. Threat of $10,000.00 fine, lawsuit.


Good on you for standing your ground. I don't believe you have a Constitutional right to opt out of both the x-ray screen and the pat-down, but I really don't see how they could reasonably sue you. If you don't want to deal with the new security requirements then don't fly.

The government is making these changes as a response to increased terrorism threats to us all. Sure, it's invasive and unpleasant. But the real bad guys here are al-Qaeda and such, plus if you want - the neocons for starting an unnecessary war in Iraq, and the settlers in West Bank/Gaza, the Guantanamo Bay issues, Abu Ghraib and similar which make it very easy for these violent idiots to recruit people willing to smuggle explosives hidden in their underwear, in their rectum, under their skin or inside a child or companion animal.

It's not about a fool-proof defense or about taking away your rights - it's about defending our society and DEFENSE IN DEPTH.

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