Airport security procedures.

"We're not common criminals."

In the latest escalation of the debate over the balance between security and passenger rights, privacy advocates have enlisted consumer rights activist and four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who called the screening techniques "extremely voyeuristic and intrusive."

"If anyone is going to try to get through, they're going to [conceal items in body cavities], so this isn't going to stop that," Nader said. "My prediction is that TSA is going to lose all of this."

If anyone is going to get through, they're going to do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY CAN DO to get through. This isn't about making something fool-proof, this is about making things harder for them. Defense IN DEPTH. Don't push this onto the CIA and the FBI. You are NOT ENTITLED to just go about your daily business as you please while the government takes care of every little inconvenience you might possibly face, all while reducing your taxes or pushing your tax burden onto someone else.

Get off your damn hobby horse. 

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