Avigdor Lieberman etc.


Lieberman, himself a settler, denounced the would-be boycotters as an "extremist group trying to wage cultural terrorism," and urged an end to state support for critics who accuse Israel of being an "apartheid state."
Some right-wing lawmakers have threatened to petition Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to immediately annex Ariel, near the West Bank city of Nablus. Israel has said it would seek to keep the settlement under any peace deal.

Netanyahu says some of Israel's critics are trying to "delegitimize" the state.

Hmmmm. Israel itself isn't an apartheid state. People living in Israel with Israeli citizenship are treated faaaaiiiirly equally. Israeli Arabs have worse schools, worse local gov't support, worse facilities and opportunities and are too "suspect" to be allowed to serve in the great equalizer - the military. Not as bad as black Americans had it back in the day maybe - and not as bad as blacks in RSA. But still, kinda rough.

West Bank and Gaza, otoh - entirely different story. Walls. Jewish-only settlements with a permanent underclass of construction workers. Jewish-only roads. Walls blocking farm land, blocking villages from access and whatnot. Clear case of apartheid.

Now to the point. Avigdor Lieberman wants the settlers' version of this sordid **** to be seen as the mainstream version. Palestinians are all evil and deserve to be shunted into Jordan or wherever. F*** them.

I personally don't want to see Israel "de-legitimized". But imho this is what the settlers are doing. People see what's going on in the occupied - or "not occupied" (so that Mr. Netanyahu won't have to be accountable for the conditions there, after all ...it's not Israel) - territories and associate this with Jewish people in general. Israel, after all, wants to be "a Jewish Democratic State". Soooooo ...is that democracy for Jewish people only - or only Jewish people allowed?

Who cares - still better than Egypt, Syria or Jordan imo. I'm inclined to give him a break on that.

No doubt the Palestinians would be better off under Israeli annexation and with Israeli citizenship. No doubt they're too stupid and too proud to want it, in most cases. Oh well.

"Cultural terrorism" and "extremist groups" ...in the above quote. Yeah, a bit of a hypocrite there you are, Mr. Lieberman. You're fairly far out of the mainstream when it comes to Human Rights and respect for innocent civilians. Your settlers do not have a God-given right to encroach on your neighbours. You do not have a right to take land that others are using or live on or claim for their own state.

Exception being the traditionally Jewish Quarter of East Jerusalem - but I believe that was taken care of before 1967. Now you're just gobbling up as much land as you can before anyone can do anything about it. A**hole.

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