China. North Korea. Solutions? Endgame?


China needs to be eventually persuaded to stop supporting their insane neighbour who cares not a whit about his people's suffering.

I'm hoping that could be eventually bundled with an agreement to withdraw U.S. forces from the peninsula. But I'm guessing the neocons and the China-haters and Japan might have issues with that. The Chinese arch-nationalist factions would be screaming victory and get all gung-ho about this crap.

But really, that's a lot of suffering inside North Korea. And a lot of nuclear weapons that don't need to be there.

US - China engagement.
Chinese contributions to anti-piracy and multi-national military stuff in ANY PLACES YOU CAN GET THEM TO COME OUT. The world needs China to be a force for good in the world. Eventually greater global engagement will mean they lose control over their online population and eventually start coming around to a more liberal, civilized, non-confrontational worldview. Hey presto! - North Korea is then a liability in its current form.

Americans out of S. Korea. Chinese either take over the North (better than the current situation) or stop supporting them. Quick covert strike to take out the leadership - North collapses and TONS of people start streaming south. International uproar. Border dissolves. Korea re-unified. China stands by, or takes over the North. Either case the N. Koreans win hugely - the Chinese administering them is a boatload better than the current situation.

Or internal Korean coup followed by an opening to the South. Or China. Or something. Just end it.

Forgot to rap the S.Koreans for conducting artillery exercises that close to the border. Sure, it's your right to do so. Sure, the N.Koreans are 99% likely in the wrong. Sure, I'd back them up with my life.

But the situation is messed up enough that there's no real need to conduct these types of exercises without letting the N.Koreans know ahead of time - or doing it a bit further to the south, away from Northern artillery range.

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