Cigarettes. Smokers. Gov't.

Generally speaking I sympathize with the libertarian crowd. Problem is, people are stupid. They buy guns and use them to kill nice people. They sell guns without background checks. They sell guns to girlfriends who give them to their felon boyfriends.

People smoke and then end up costing YOU AND ME a ton of money in healthcare cost and this and that. Smoking is a huge drag on society, and that drag has translated into tons of money into the pockets of the tobacco industry over the years. Not surprisingly, the tobacco country and workers in North and South Carolina (?) don't feel that this is a big problem.

People have a right to choose. Except they choose idiotically and end up costing society a bunch of cash. YOUR taxpayer dollars.

Nice work with the tobacco advertising in the last 50 years or so. Hat's off to that crowd - who still make it happen in the Third World and whatnot. Good on you. Way to peddle death and disease and make it look cool to children. Good job, Hollywood.

I enjoy a cigar once in a long while. A box usually lasts me a year or two depending on what I'm doing.

Good on whoever managed to give the FDA enough power to get these images on the cigarette packages. Now if we could just make sure those images go on the ones that are sold in foreign markets... then we'd be all set.

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