Conspiracy theory. Pakistan. Etc.


Everyone's a bloody international terrorism expert. Everyone's so set in their defensive mindset that they cannot for one minute accept that.

It does not make sense!

Why would the United States want to have such conspiracies against Pakistan?

It might be a planned matter against Pakistan!

If this was Al-Qaeda they would not have left the car keys in the car and the car would have blown up!

A lot of anti-Pakistan forces which want to see Pakistan in the dark...

When you hear or see these types to things you can fairly surely figure that someone is COMPLETELY NUTS. Fox News and Bill O'Reilly style commentary and polemics over actual news. You people deserve what you're gonna get - which is a secret ground war by US forces on your soil against the people you refuse to confront.

Which will just push the masses deeper into their mistrust of the US. Ugh. Israel. All Middle East political roads lead to the Occupied Territories.

Follow the money. Stop the cash going to the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza. Cut off that money. Regain the high road, and the moral superiority over our enemies, our detractors and the conspiracy theorists.

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