Copyright. Evil. Good.


There is no doubt in my mind that copyright has gotten a lot of deserving artists and writers a good deal of money and well-deserved sustainable incomes.

But in general it's just a tool of the lobbying mega-corporations to hold onto and grab more slices of the creative pie. This isn't about poor little artists just making art for art's sake. This is mega-Disney and the music mega-corporations. This is the US Congress and lobbying and tons and tons of cash changing hands. This started a little and grew incrementally over time into the huge behemoth we have today.

Feel free to use anything I write. Attributed, please. Just copy/pasting is kinda plagiarism and strikes me as inherently bad, and I'm fairly sure any impartial, reasonable observer will say the same.

That said, flattery is the sincerest form of admiration, and I really don't see the massive economic bad to society as a whole if this whole copyright thing just went down the tubes or at least got cut back to reasonable levels. 10-15 years of exclusive rights seems very reasonable to me.

But not to Disney Corporation. F*** them. F*** Gucci and the other producers who do anything and everything in their power to keep their designs from being made more cheaply elsewhere. I see no evil in some dude setting up a factory in China making the exact same thing that you just debuted on a Paris or Milan catwalk. Put a freaking certificate of authenticity on your stuff if you feel that his cheap, lower-quality goods harm your reputation. Get off the developing countries' back about this stuff, let them build industries and compete on an equal footing.

It starts here, with me. Feel free to use my work. Anything I do, you can use. People took my hard work from a movie I made, that was 1h 33min long, cut it all up and put different music on it and posted it on YouTube. I cared at first, but in the end it's just more exposure for stuff that I did. I, me, myself - my stuff has been seen by millions due to this. The music was changed due to WMG bullcrap. I really don't care since they didn't take away the part that says my name or my guild's name at the time. In fact I'm proud of it. It was art done for art's sake. For history. No movie exactly like that will ever be made again in the history of gaming - the opportunity is gone, the source material is no longer available, and never will be. The game was WoW, and that was a lot of patches ago. A full 10-20% of the stuff in the movie is simply no longer available in the live game, so cannot be filmed on live servers the way I did it, and even if it was you wouldn't be able to find the people to do that content at the appropriate level range/relative character power.

Further reading. Again, don't take my word for ANYTHING. Thou shalt educate THYSELF. Thou shalt not believe anything that ANYONE tells you. Thou shalt TRUST NO-ONE. Until proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.


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