Ecological change.

Drastic ecological change is bad. Non-native species that all of a sudden get introduced and go haywire like the fishing problems in the US Great Lakes - yep, bit of a problem. Local economies. Great outdoors ruined. Species diversity.

Yet, natural competition isn't always a bad thing. These types of changes happen naturally as well, just slower and with less devastating impact. Keep species alive to the maximum extent possible, preferably in the natural habitat but not so much that it drastically hampers human economic progress.

I'm an economist and a humanist and a realist. But I love the species diversity that the natural world has independent of anything that humans do or have done. So let's protect that TO SOME EXTENT. But don't go nuts just because species A seems to be out-competing species B.

Same thing with overfishing. Fishing yourself out of business? Congratulations. Get your government to work with the rest of affected countries to find a solution that works better for all instead of best for just one state.

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