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The planet is ever-changing. Every species, animal or plant or whatever, that's ever been on this planet - has changed that planet. Some more, some less, some catastrophically (damn near) - like hoomans.

The planet and species adapt or die out. Normal stuff. Unfortunately hoomans seem to accelerate this stuff pretty damn bad. Deleting species left and right = not good. So let's work a bit to stop that.

That doesn't mean you can't hunt dolphins or kill cows for meat and hides. Go for it. Somewhat humanely. Unless it's some sort of traditional thing. I have no problems with killing animals. If you're gonna do it a lot I suggest you try to be nice about it - as in do it sort of fast and minimize suffering.

But in the end there's 150,000 people dying every day. I'm a lot more concerned with human suffering from stupid wars and stupid rapes and stupid bombs and torture, than I am with your dolphins and your dogs and cats. See the http://www.copenhagenconsensus.com/ for more information on how to cut suffering and deaths in the world, and how you can use Economic Analysis to figure out where to put the money to do so as efficiently as possible. There's no need to go all out to save the dolphins in one village in Japan when the money is better spent to fight malaria or undernutrition or cutting the Common Agricultural Policy.


Outgunned financially, opponents describe Proposition B as a proxy battle in the Humane Society’s larger war to end pet ownership, ban hunting and institute vegetarianism throughout the United States — charges the Humane Society calls ridiculous.
“This is just a first step,” said Charles E. Kruse, president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, echoing the sentiment of many of his members. “It’s pretty clear their ultimate desire is to eliminate the livestock industry in the United States.”
 Industry self-regulation has failed. Too many unscrupulous puppy farmers will do whatever to squeeze profits. I'm fine with you breeding dogs for profit. I'm not fine with you doing whatever you have to do to cut costs. Industry oversight or suffer the wrath of the rest of society. Your fellow breeders brought this on you. Fix those fellow breeders and you can keep your profits a bit higher and then I'll sympathize with you in your fight against the Humane Society.

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