Get out of our country. WE will deal with the terrorists when we're good and ready.


"You expect us to open the skies for anything that you can fly," said a high-ranking Pakistani intelligence official, who described the Quetta request as an affront to Pakistani sovereignty. "In which country can you do that?"
 You expect us to just sit idle by while you continue to ignore or turn the other way as insurgents fighting in Afghanistan use your country as a refuge? As a base of operations? You expect us to sit and do nothing while you comfortably control the main towns in your country but give up hope of ever controlling the tribal areas?

I guess it's cool with you as long as Al-Qaeda isn't targeting YOU all that much. A few car bombs here and there in Karachi and whatnot - no big deal. Some floods and millions of people dead that you can blame on India.

**** you. Get control over your country. Stop the militants that use your terrain to hurt Afghani reconstruction. Til then we fly and bomb and do whatever we need to do to protect America and Afghanistan and stop Al-Qaeda.

Nutcases. Idiots. You people deserve the monster you've created in the ISI/LeT nexus. You people deserve all the crap that you imagine you're getting from India.

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