Helicopter robbery in Sweden.



Swedish news article criticizing the cops for not acting quicker. Fake bombs were placed next to police helicopters on their base. Bombs went off inside the building to open doors shortly after the helo landed on the roof. Caltrops (little metal spiky things that you can step on and have a spike go straight through your foot - or puncture a tire - that always land with a spike pointing up, been in use since Roman times) had been placed on roads around the building. Submachine guns were used.

No-one was killed. 39 million SEK robbed (~5.7mil USD?). 2 guys still on the loose. 7 people convicted to laughably short prison terms, average 4.3 years in VERY NICE HOTELS. Er - I mean, Swedish prisons. Enjoy your stay with your personal television, internet access, free education and all that.

News is harping on the first-response cops for not going in earlier. Random street cops against people with bombs and helicopters and submachine guns. GTFO.

"They would have seen if the robbers had placed booby-traps on the doors. The robbers didn't have time to place booby-traps."

They did have time to blow open doors inside. They had time to place anti-personnel devices on the roads. And packages next to police helos.

Idiotic news people. Smart cops. In this instance.

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