Hope. Feel good about it.

Global warming is a problem, but I highly doubt it's as bad as the doomsday prophets make it out to be, or the people with an axe to grind about it.

Africa will be okay as long as the developed world gets real on not stopping them from trading on a reasonably fair playing field. Which won't happen anytime soon, but it'll get a bit better over time I'm fairly sure. Spread of information, getting a free college education over the internet, all that good stuff. Health education. Spreading knowledge, etc.

Overfishing this and destroying that natural resource - mankind will adapt and overcome. Scientific progress will help solve China and India's massive automobile problems that are soon to manifest themselves.

There might be a nuclear war in the Middle East but things will work out even if that happens. The two biggest problems left are Iran and North Korea. Both have signs of hope. Israel will eventually stop beating up on the Palestinians. The Arabs will eventually succumb to their own population's will to live free.

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