How to fix soccer/futbol.

Instant replay in international games, and series championships where it can be afforded by the national governing body.

Goals wider or taller by about 20-30cm to encourage:
* more goals, more exciting matches
* greater chance that the better, more aggressive team wins
* lesser chance for penalty-shootouts
* more emphasis on a team's skill and endurance
* less emphasis on luck and random chance
* more popularity in the USA - more money - more exposure - higher quality players
* (problem, reason for caution) - possible higher propensity for long shots on goal, should be combated with a possibly gradual increase in goal size, and studies on the effect of only wider and not taller goals to de-emphasize the importance of having an abnormally tall person as goaltender. We want all positions in the game to be easily filled by any talented, hard-working person irrespective of their natural build (to a reasonable degree).

No more end-of-game penalty shoot-outs:

* Take away one player on each team, continue the match in sudden death or two 15min halves.

* Take away one more player after 5, 10 or 15min.

* Repeat.

Stop calling it soccer. It's a ball. You play it with your feet 99.99 (repeating, of course) percent of the time. Foot + Ball = Football.

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