Israel. Arabs.


The mob gathered outside a building housing Arab students, shouted "Death to Arabs!" and "Stinking Muslims!" and hurled stones and bottles, smashing a window, according to the indictment. The Arab students threw stones back...

Eliahu Zvieli, an 89-year-old resident of the old city who rents a room to three Arab students, said he had received numerous phone calls and visits, including from Rabbi Eliahu, urging him to remove his tenants. One caller threatened to burn down Zvieli's house, he said. A sign was posted on the gate calling the Arabs' presence "a shameful disgrace."
Zvieli, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary who endured forced-labor and prisoner-of-war camps, said he was not fazed. "I've been through a few things, and I'm handling it," he said. "You can't surrender to terror."
Across the street at his food stand, Yosef Pe'er, bearded with a large knitted skullcap, said that providing housing for Arab students in the heart of the old city, where many strictly Orthodox and newly observant Jews live, is a provocation.
"This place has a particular character, and it's preferable that it remain Jewish," he said. Arab students drive by in cars blaring loud music on Friday night, during the Jewish Sabbath, and generally "don't respect where they are," Pe'er said.
Some students noted that they had warm relations with their Jewish landlords, who they said treated them like family. On the streets of Safed, memorial plaques commemorate Jewish fighters killed in the town during Israel's war of independence in 1948. Safed's Arab majority fled the fighting, changing it from a mixed city to a Jewish one. The sign plastered on the home of Zvieli, the man threatened for renting to Arab students, accused him of "returning Arabs to Safed."

You gotta be careful in reading too much into this and being too upset about the Israeli treatment of Arabs in the midst of the "Jewish democratic state". Ordinarily speaking I'm against all the racism - but compare that to what a Jewish minority would face living alongside the Muslim majority in Gaza under Hamas. Or the average West Bank village.

Racism is bad, yes - but the bad guys in that article certainly don't have a monopoly on it. Refer to Syria, Jordan and Egypt etc.

That said, ****ing hypocrite saying Arabs shouldn't be allowed in a place where they were driven out of. And hells yeah go go old Holocaust survivor standing up to "terror".

Old guys like that with their hearts in the right place make the world a kick-*** place sometimes.

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