Israeli right.


Palestinians want East Jerusalem. Now this. Goodbye peace for a while, see you next Presidency. Or when the US Congress gets enough moxie to stop handing oodles of cash to a semi-apartheid state that likes to settle its sillyvilians on occupied territory.

Congratulations to the Israeli right-wing. You won. No peace. No decent treatment of your neighbours or the Israeli Arabs already in your country. Continued American soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever. Continued easy recruiting for Al Qaeda and similar. Continued difficult relations with Pakistan and whatnot.

Stronger American neoconservative right. I'm a conservative, too - but a bit more moderate, centrist, liberal conservative. I'm sure most neocons and arch-cons and religious fundamentalist rightists would call me a traitor liberal. And most extreme liberals would call me a crazy conservative. Oh well.

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