Oooh that was smart. Make the incentive program contingent on a signing of a peace deal. Except construction continues at breakneck speed in East Jerusalem.

And what exactly constitutes "signing a peace deal"?

East Jerusalem will break this on the Pale side. And it'll drag out a lot longer than 90 days, since the Pale negotiators absolutely CANNOT be seen to not get the best deal possible, since even if they do win the best deal possible - they'll still be traitors in the eyes of many of their people whose idiot hearts are caught up in "the right of return" under the UN Charter.

Way too many over-emotional people in the Middle East. Way too much bad **** done by Israel over the years in the Occupied Territories. Way too many settlements. Way too much money from the US to the apartheid state. The executive branch can't stop Congress from legislating money to Israel, so its only option is to give a bigger carrot with sugar on top to sweeten the deal. Which they've done admirably well, better than I expected.

But the root issue in the US-Israeli relations is still the Israeli strangle-hold on many in Congress, and the massive amounts of cash going from US taxpayers to Israeli fanatics like Lieberman and his settlers.

Stop the money to Israeli settlements. Stop the money to Hamas. Kill the settlement craze. No more cash to Israel until they get their civilians out of West Bank and Gaza.


Hell yes you can. You could afford putting them there. Any money spent withdrawing them goes right back into your economy. It's just a big public works program. Ask the diaspora for money. Sell the Nazi art treasures. Ask for donations from Saudi Arabia - hell, they're the ones with the most to gain from this out in the region.

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