Kashmir. About as thorny as it gets.


So how go about this?

1. Don't build up paramilitary terrorist forces to attack Bombay.
2. Recognize that whatever your nationalist ideas about territory this or that is an "integral part of India" - the people that live there SHOULD HAVE THE FINAL SAY. If people in Kashmir generally speaking don't want to be a part of your country, then let's not force them to continue to be. This opens up a can of worms on who is allowed to vote on a referendum, what you do in the meantime, money and influence of solidifying that area's business ties to the deeper parts of India etc. But fundamentally - the Kashmiris should be asked WHAT THEY WANT.
3. Time.
4. Confidence-building measures.
5. Let's put an end to all these conspiracy theories and whatnot. The demonizing and the painting of the outside adversary as the devil himself just to mobilize your grassroots. Ugh.

All the locals vote on what THEY want to happen. Independent private-sector managed polls. Both sides commit to a peaceful, long-term, 50+ year solution involving asking all sides what they want, and then eventually implementing what the majority wants, with options for minorities to move to the country of their choice somehow - but costing them money to do so.

Arbitration, binding agreements to abide by whatever body X made up of mutually agreed-upon people and judges, with minimum standards and compensation to whoever "loses". I.e., agree ahead of time that if the arbitration panel awards area X to Pakistan, then India is awarded Y compensation. Land, money, rights, water, whateverthe****youwant. Same for the reverse.

Crux of the matter becomes what the people ON. THE. GROUND want.

But then again, I don't really think this stuff is going to happen. Pakistan will continue with conspiracy theories about India killing millions of innocent Pakistanis because (no joke) "they have the technology to move clouds over the border and make it rain which causes the floods that killed all of our people" repeated in official newspapers.

Indian arch-nationalist idiots will continue to claim that areas with a majority Muslim population are an "integral part of India" and will continue to seek to imprison people like Arundathi Roy who say otherwise.

Fifty years later maybe people on both sides - and in the middle - will come to their senses. Oh well. As long as they're not killing each other time will help it. A little bit. A new generation grows up more concerned with Pokemon and Lady Gaga and the latest mobile phones.

Oh god. I can't believe it. I'm putting my faith and trust in Generation Bieber. I feel dirty. God help us.

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