Mexico. Meth. Dark days ahead.


Good luck winning a drug war when there's massive amounts of money to be had in not winning it. Porous borders. Porous international shipping regulations. Guns and money going south. Drugs and gangs moving north. NRA obstructing assault-weapons bans or ATF doing their job or keeping track of sources of illegal guns. US Congress obstructing any sort of immigration reform tried by G.W. Bush (one of few things I really liked about him).

Or maybe the Meth explosion in Mexico will finally kill off people's desire to have anything to do with drugs. Nasty bad stuff for a few years and then society finally reacts and stops the precursor chemicals and cold medicine is no longer freely available.

1. Shut down the border.
2. Stop the flow of guns that's killing Mexican LEOs.
3. Tax marijuana since you can't seem to fight it.

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