Mosque attacks. Time for Islam to clean its house.


I hope the people who committed this arson will eventually be caught. I hope the community will be able to heal itself. We don't need any discrimination in this country on the basis of religion or sex or skin colour or ethnic background.

We do need the world's moslems to stop pretending that your religion is special compared to other religions - with the exception that you're just fine believing everyone else is wrong, as long as you accept the same kind of treatment that all the other religions get.

1. Every religion gets made fun of and has caricatures drawn of its prophets and leaders. Yours is no different. Deal with it.
2. Every man, woman and child is free to worship whatever deity they choose - and to STOP worshipping if they so choose. A person leaving Islam is no different than a person leaving another religion.
3. We are all equal before the law. Doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman or black or white or whatever. You need to start treating women somewhat more equally than you have. That goes for the crazy Christian cults as well.
4. So-called "honour killings" should not be tolerated in any society. Live and let live. Let the kid marry who they want.
5. Do not preach hate. Do not teach hate. If you suspect that someone might be interested in committing violence against civilians then you have a duty to report or act on that. If you don't, then don't be surprised if your place of worship becomes a target of society's backlash. Doesn't mean that backlash should be violent, just means that now the focus and mean-ness will be on you.
6. You have the right to home-school your children. You have the right to set up religious schools. As long as all that conforms to the legal requirements of the country or state you live in. Again, let's not preach or teach hate, and give our kids the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a diverse and increasingly tolerant world.

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