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Dear Mr. Mackey,

Your publication's release of Secret and Confidential and Noforn documents does the world no favour and is decidedly not in the public interest. You are hampering the efforts of military and civil servants in their efforts to bring peace and stability to Korea, the Middle East and elsewhere - you hamper our ability to develop a mutually trusting relationship with foreign entities and you do it all in the name of "Freedom of the Press". The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, already longer due to the efforts of people like Michael Hastings, will now go on for longer still - or have worse outcomes, or cost more US and civilian and local military lives.

Simply put, you serve the interests of the enemies of the U.S. The world would be a better place without people like the ones who release and publicize these documents. That does not excuse the security failings that lead to their release - just as you are not magically absolved of responsibility for the consequences of these publications - not unlike how Gen. McChrystal is responsible for the things he and his subordinates say, and how Mr. Hastings is responsible for making that public knowledge so we can have some decidedly unnecessary military leadership turmoil.

You are not excused on the basis of "Well, this stuff would be available anyway even if we didn't put it on our website..."

You are not excused on the basis of "Everyone's doing it..."

You are not excused on the basis of "We tried to redact some names..."

You, Sir, are a naive idiot if you think me and my buddies currently in Iraq and Afghanistan won't have to bear the burden of you and your Wikileaks cohorts' double-talking agenda to make our jobs and our lives harder and more dangerous.

Thanks for nothing, ***hole. Thanks for prolonging one already unnecessary war and another mostly legit one. Congratulations on your big fat paycheck and your air-conditioned office. I'd rather be working an honest job, where the people shooting at you at least don't usually pretend to be your friend.

Congratulations on finding a way to turn the very freedoms me and my friends provide you ...against us.

If you should happen into a tough spot sometime, and I should happen to have a chance to rescue you or help you out, don't be surprised if I happen to have a weapon malfunction or need to get through on unreliable comms to my immediate superior to make sure I have official clearance to go help you out. That might take a little time, or it might be too difficult or dangerous to come help you out. Risk assessment is a bit of a judgement call, you know how it is - might take a while.

I'm willing to kill and/or die to protect our freedoms, including your Freedom of Speech, and I strongly support the efforts of a muck-raking Free Press along the lines of Bob Woodward - and your colleague Mr. Ernesto Londono writing about bogus bomb detection devices.

I do not ask, want or need your thanks for protecting these freedoms, as long as you pay taxes you pay my salary and I'm grateful for that. I just want you to not make my job and life harder and more dangerous.

Which you just did. The fact that Wikileaks and their friends are doing the same thing does not diminish your responsibility. I'd like my friends to stop dying, please. You're not helping make that happen. In fact, you're making things worse.

Very Respectfully,

P. Larsson
former USN Diver Petty Officer 1st Class

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