Obama 2012?

I'm more of a Republican than a Democrat. You might reasonably disagree based on my often socially liberal views.

The article above tries to argue that Obama should not seek re-election in 2012 in order to have a better two years til then. For the sake of the country.


The GOP isn't about to magically become more amenable to legislation it detests. This is a bit of a zero-sum fight for the next two years. The GOP will fight as hard as it can to obstruct the Democratic party's agenda and enact its own. Same thing with the Dem's. This isn't magically gonna change just due to a run-or-not decision. If anything it makes the sitting Prez look weak and out of control - leading to a gate-crashing party zoo atmosphere as people line up for what would become a free-for-all fight. Thank the gods Justin Bieber isn't old enough to run, but that'll change. Or someone like him will get elected.

My personal preference is Condoleeza Rice, despite her shortcomings during the Bush years. But she doesn't want to run. Colin Powell is too old, and his wife nixed it back in the day. We would've been better off with him instead of Bush imo.

The article above is more an attempt to get a reader's attention by trying desperately to be "explosive", "hard-hitting" and "controversial" than it is good responsible journalism advancing a solid argument.

Obama and his people are too smart to follow that advice. He'll run. He stands a chance at losing, as long as the GOP finds people better than Sarah Palin. War hero or something, maybe. They usually find one of those, since most military people tend to be a bit more conservative.

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