Obstacles to trying 9/11 mastermind??


Umm, wow. Congress says we can't use federal funds to transport detainees into the US to face trial. You've got to be ****ing kidding me. Get your legislative grubby little special interest earmark grandstanding partisan ideologue hands out of my foreign policy anti-terrorism justice WORK. You know, work - as in ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT STUFF.

Ok, so a big huge trial in the middle of Manhattan would be a bit of a pain and cost money. It would also help the local economy, help the country heal, dispense justice (presumably, I'm assuming that if the feds want to bring a case ...that they actually believe they have enough evidence to bring that case) and do this whole DUE PROCESS thing that I kinda like and that I thought, you know, we were actually fighting for. As in all that Constitution stuff, like. You dig?

So cordon off some streets and have the feds pick up the tab and let justice run its course WITH DUE PROCESS. Innocent until proven guilty, all that stuff. And if the court finds evidence not allowable, or the defendant not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - then release the jackass, call the system broken and fix the part of the system that didn't work.

Yes, release him. If ...all that stuff. In this country we believe in DUE PROCESS. Equal before the law. No indefinite detention. No banging down doors in the middle of the night unless hot pursuit or warrant. Do it right. Take the moral high ground.

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