Pakistan. Conspiracy theory. Floods.


In Mianwali, in Punjab, by the banks of the River Indus, we surveyed the impact of the floods with a local businessman and landowner.
All around, we could see the devastation caused to his farms, and the effect that would have on hundreds of labourers.
I asked him whether he believed money had in the past been embezzled instead of going into flood prevention projects, as many have suggested. And who, generally, he blamed for the lack of preparedness.
His response was surprising.
Pakistani flood victims
Many flood victims have been neglected
"You know, we've never had so much water come down the Kabul River (from Afghanistan) and flow into the Indus?" he said. "Strange, isn't it?"
I took a moment to digest the question, then asked if he was trying to suggest Afghanistan or America had something to do with the floods.
He paused for a moment.
"India," he said, without a hint of irony.
Slightly taken aback by what this educated and erudite man was saying, I suggested that there had been the highest rainfall ever recorded in Pakistan, and surely that could not have been caused by India.
He scoffed: "Don't you know they have the technology to create artificial clouds and send them across the border?"

Dude, these people are just nuts. Ok, someone give me one shred of evidence that India opened their dams. I wouldn't put it past some of the worse Indian nationalist and blinkered politicians, but generally speaking - eh, NO. Hell no.

Word would get out. Someone would filch. Or snitch or whatever the word is.

The Middle East deserves itself, and its people. Its superstition and its backwardness and religious infamy and its complaints about other countries' religious problems and human rights while keeping 50% of their population as second-class citizens, while ignoring their own countries' not even being in control of their own territory.

Ugh. And then mainstream media outlets in Paki and elsewhere keep spreading this crap. American scientists caused the floods? India caused the floods?

W.T.F. are you smoking?

Writers and so-called journos are driven in their quest to be hard-hitting and critical to make this crap up and pass it along and jump to conclusions and make things seem more dramatic than they already are.

No-one wants to hear that crazy amounts of rainfall and a corruption-ridden society with massive internal problems led to a backward and un-educated populace getting smacked down royally by an Act of Nature. Or Act of God if you so prefer.

But India and the US and the Jews conspiring to kill muslims and innocent villagers?

Sure, that seems likely. I mean, India already conspired to make sure the terrorists would attack Mumbai so they could blame it on Pakistan...

God help us.

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