Polygamy. Next after same-sex marriage.


To me, "marriage" is a traditional word that means a legal/religious union between a man and a woman. If you want to re-define that to mean between any two people regardless of sex - ok, go ahead. I'd prefer if you stuck to equal civil rights and civil unions and all that, but I suppose separate is never equal, so you kind of have to eventually go for the word "marriage".

Oh well, looks like you succeeded. Now the next thing I'm guessing will be polygamy. Nothing wrong with that, in theory, I suppose. Do what you want between consenting adults. Do as you please.

But in that article you'll also read about boys cast out and left without a chance to build a family. No good. And young girls aged 15 or less forced into marriage. No good.

Religion kills in stuff like that. People need to have options no matter what type of community they live in - and this crap is just wrong. But if all you want is polygamy without the religious enforcement and the forced marriages and crap - by all means, go ahead, I suppose. The LGBT people got their way - I see no civil rights reason standing in your way.

Just don't make it tax loopholes. Or the other way around, so that a man with 3 wives can collect two of his wives' single mothers' assistance.

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