Pope. Good point.

Muslims in Europe. Muslims in the US. Muslims everywhere. Cool. No problems. Everyone chill out. No big deal.

Oh wait, you don't feel like bending to cultural norms like NOT forcing women to hide their faces? Or NOT killing your kids when your kids don't feel like marrying the person you want them to? Or NOT killing your kids when they come out as gay or lesbian?

For once, the Pope has a point. Good luck finding some religious and expression freedom in the Islamic world.


Right now a bunch of Islamic media and countries and mobs and people and Al-Jazeera are all upset about some women who were supposedly possibly prevented from fleeing their Coptic Christian husbands in Egypt and allegedly converted to Islam before being sent back to their something or other. Or something like that. Keep in mind that abuse of women and nasty consequences for stupid little religious crap that we take for granted in the West happens all the time in the moral and industrial backwater that is the Third World and the Middle East.

Ok. Anyway. That's bad stuff that should be transparent and where the women should have a say and be allowed to publicly or non-publicly indicate their preferences without fear of reprisal or having their kids taken away or somesuch. You don't want to live with your abusive husband you shouldn't have to. You want to not be part of this or that religion you shouldn't have to.

So a bunch of people (muslims) are upset about that. Yay. Good going. Now also please be upset about all the people in YOUR religion who are NOT allowed to leave that aggressively oppressive and anti-female remnant of the dark ages.

Feel free to be upset about two girls in Egypt. But until you allow people to leave YOUR religion as they please, and allow women the same rights you afford men, then I do not recognize your right to b**** about some comparatively minor issues elsewhere.

By far and large, women in Christianity and non-religious societies and other religions fare a ton better than women in Islamic societies. By far and large, same goes for people who decide to leave a particular religion.

So good on the Pope. Now if that old anachronistic jack-*** could please stop trying to fight condoms and family planning in Africa. Or LGBT issues in Europe.

How about selling all that gold and the big pointy expensive hat and the art treasures and then use all that money like Jesus would have done. Oh no - we can't have that! What on earth would the church do if it didn't have all that massive wealth and prestige??


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