Pope. Spain.


Good luck staying relevant. People are starting to catch on to this whole "hey, do what I tell you thing." Gimme your money and listen to me in my golden hat and with my golden pope-staff crucifix in my great big expensive cathedrals as I talk about this humble guy who gave away all his money and walked the dusty roads telling people to be nice to each other.

The Catholic Church is a far ways from the teachings of a penniless prophet.

Plenty of good things have come from the Catholic Church in the past and no doubt will in the future, but you trying to tell people what to think and make sure your dudes have tons of influence on public stuff in Europe is a thing of the past. Better luck in the less educated, less developed, less advanced parts of the world. Like Africa - I hear they like you there, because their living situations still SUCK pretty majorly. Once they get all advanced and educated and stable and progressed I'm pretty sure they'll start to figure out your game as well. Til then you can do plenty good by teaching people about Jesus - and plenty bad by trying to stop people from having or learning about condoms and such.

Anyway, good luck. People are starting to get a little too smart and a little too liberal (in the good sense of the term) for this stuff. Hopefully the same will happen with a reformed version of liberal Islam pretty soon.

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