Rats. Humane society.


Not a big fan of rats. Generally speaking they work against human economic progress. Disease etc. I'm sure they have some good ecological benefits, too - but right now I can't think of any.


Ok, lab experiments. Meat for food. (I have zero qualms about eating any specific animal, no matter what their status as 'pets' in any given society. If you do, you're either a bleeding-heart liberal or vegetarianist or just stuck in your particular culture without much broader horizons.)

De-mining operations (minefields in Africa, currently). Pets.

On the whole, though - I have zero sympathy. If you breed an animal and then don't bother stopping it from multiplying, then doom on you. Same with puppy farms and other unscrupulous animal breeders.

I couldn't care less about killing individual animals. I'm more interested in a sustainable economic model for keeping animals as pets or companions or for food and TREATING THEM NICELY.

If you need to kill an animal - go for it. Try to make it quick and relatively painless. If not possible, oh well. If you do it according to ancient cultural custom - oh well, just try a little bit to be aware that the rest of the world doesn't like to see animals suffering.

I personally don't like any suffering, but going out for a burger and fries doesn't bother me at all. Using animals in product testing doesn't bother me much. Cosmetics - yeah, a bit. Unnecessary drugs - yeah. Drugs with potential to very much help the human race progress and learn about its environment and stop diseases and whatnot - hell yeah, go for it.

So, rats. Go ahead and kill 'em. Or find homes for them as pets or for food or lab experiments. Just don't set them free in a community that doesn't want them.

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