Religion kills 03. Pope. Condoms. Old men telling young people what to do.


Old men. Usually with beards. Always with funny (or traditional, if you prefer) hats. Sumptuous robes. Expensive palaces. Gold-covered temples and churces and mosques.

Telling young people what to do with their lives. Not saying that tradition isn't sometimes a good place to start learning. Not saying you shouldn't listen to old, wise people.

Just saying you should make up your own mind after looking at all the available evidence. Especially concerning stuff like hygiene and medicine and sexuality.


...garlic and beet root against AIDS? Superstitious nonsense.

Pretending that people all over the world aren't going to use prostitutes, rape and have consensual sex? Idiots.

The world is moving away from idiots like the late "Dr. Beetroot" and the Pope. People are starting to be able to make up their own minds about stuff, without just hearing all their news and all their moral imperatives from a bully-pulpit in a church once a week. Internet. Globalization. Free press.

To hell with you, old man. Get out of the way of a newer, brighter era. A world of greater understanding and near-limitless information flow. Let people decide for themselves. Wikipedia isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than you controlling who gets to learn what in which religious school.

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