Religion kills 05. André-Joseph Léonard.

In another incident Leonard said that retired priests suspected of paedophilia should be spared canonic action, which he termed "a sort of vengeance." Priests who abused children in their care, Leonard went on television to say, must be made aware of what they did, "but if they're no longer working, if they have no responsibilities, I'm not sure that exercising a sort of vengeance that will have no concrete result is humane."

AIDS is also apparently an "intrinsic justice" for the sins of homosexuals and other deviants (rough paraphrase). I have no problems with people dying of AIDS if they don't protect or educate themselves. Except it's a huge drag on the economy no matter where. And people don't always get it from unprotected consensual sex. Ouch. Now this guy is just looking awful, along with the Pope on that same issue.

I'm not anti-religion - but I'm guessing that's what people will see me as for pulling this stuff to the front of my blog. "Religion kills" and all that. It just bothers me that these old ***holes get away with trying to force their idea of society onto other people, and then try to stop legitimate medical and social issues from being solved with modern technology.

Believe in God all you want. Pray all you want. Go to church, have fun, I'll see you when you get out and we can go have a coffee or tea or hang out. Don't bother me and I won't bother you. Live and let live.

I took the above screenshot because I thought the vandalism of the Wikipedia article was interesting. I didn't do the vandalism and didn't revert it since I'm not neutral and I'm not very experienced with Wikipedia. But I tried to alert others to it. And I can see why someone would call him "Antichrist" - I'm fairly sure Jesus the historical person wouldn't have liked this guy.

Would the man who washed a prostitute's feet be in favour of not prosecuting pedophiles? Or would he have ranted and raged against homosexuals?

I dunno. Still, a better guy than Ahmedinajad or the Ayatollahs or that nutcase Saudi imam who wanted men to suck on the nipples of random women in order to make them "symbolically related" or somesuch crap so they could conduct business in a way that gets around the edict against women having anything to do with men who are not their blood relatives.


My big question here - and this goes for a lot of victim-perpetrator media arguments, is ...what about the people who were violated - what's humane for them? This guy seems to care about the priests who abused children, but not very much about what's best for those kids or whether or not crime should be punished.

Same thing goes with communities in America which get all up in arms when a cop uses excessive force. Good. They should. Excessive force is excessive, and by definition wrong. But they often seem to care not a bit about the actual crime or behaviour that lead to the police confrontation. Have a little perspective in both cases, imho.

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