Sarah Palin. Michelle Obama. Racist?


Sorry, I don't see where Sarah Palin (no fan of her, thank you) calls Michelle Obama racist. She takes offense to a questionable remark by the First Lady. Reasonable people might do so.

Michelle's remarks were something like "I had never before been proud of my country." Ok, what's the big deal? Sure, I kinda agree with Mrs. Palin that those words seem a bit suspect and seems like until her husband started winning, that the country really wasn't all that great. And I can see anyone's reasonable disagreement with the not-very-nice pastor the Obamas listened to for many years. That's their business.

But no, not a big enough deal to make me not have a fair amount of respect for Michelle Obama. Sorry, still don't have much good to say about Sarah Palin. Except she seems a person that genuinely wants to do good for this country. I won't be voting for her - unless the alternative is REALLY BAD.

I'd rather have Condi Rice - despite her defenses of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld stupidities. She's at least a highly accomplished and VERY intelligent and world-wise woman. Can't say that about Palin. I'd be a bit worried about her being too close to the Israeli settlers as I see the solution to that conflict being in denying the Israelis our taxpayers' money until they get their civilians out of occupied territories, but I'd still see her as a very good President and US and world leader.

As well, I know very little about the crap that the Obamas had to deal with while climbing the political ladder. Or social ladder. I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on how or why they were or weren't terribly proud of their country at all times. She might reasonably re-think her comments if you gave her a few hours to really explain how it came to be that she wasn't all that proud or didn't feel like she was really included in the American Dream and the American successes. I'm ok with that.

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