Somebody's gonna get hurt. Military. USMC. Gays.


Get ready for it. It's coming. There'll be someone who "comes out" a little too brashly, a little too quickly and a little to happy-go-lucky without realizing the feelings of the unit he's in. That guy will get very badly beaten or killed.

If you don't want that too happen I suggest you wait for the legislature to catch up with public opinion and anti-discrimination legal stuff. Might take a year. Might take some more Democrats in the US Congress.

And for crying out loud, make it a civil rights issue - don't make it a "Hey we want everyone to think like us" issue. Don't push too hard - and push with people who are conservatively dressed, with conservative values, with combat or at least military experience.


To make the nasty-tasting medicine that's good for society go down a little easier. Same reason why they make raspberry-flavoured kid's medicines. Same reasons why they put Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on Band-Aids.

You going on a talk show and shooting your mouth off about it when there's pictures of you with your pierced nipples dancing in the street just isn't gonna go over well in the rural Midwest and South - WHICH IS WHERE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS.

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