Stampedes. Public mass casualty events.

1. What would you do?
2. Do you know how to swim?
3. Do your kids know how to swim? If you didn't teach them, you may have indirectly killed them.
4. Are you strong enough to maintain enough space around yourself so you can breathe without being crushed to death when people are being asphyxiated from the pressure around you?
5. Are you mentally strong enough to be able to figure out what to do in an emergency, even if you're intoxicated?
6. Organizing public events is a bit of a risk. No doubt the families of the dead will blame anyone they can target. An easy target being the organizers and the police and rescue personnel. It's human nature to not want to blame yourself or blame your loved one that just died.

Be strong. Be aware - always always always Situational Awareness. That doesn't stop when you're drunk. Or in a cab with your buddies. Or with a prostitute. Or your girlfriend. Or wife. Or you have aces and eights at the card table.

Are you capable of climbing up onto the outside of a bridge on which people are running amok?

Are you capable of jumping into water of unknown depth with a reasonable chance of survival - even if you're very scared, drunk and injured and out of breath?

I think my own answer to these questions is: Yes I am. I am CrossFit. I am a climber. I am a diver and a swimmer with years of professional experience in and out of whitewater, waterfalls, surfzones, deepwater, rapids etc. I am a rugger. I am MMA. I do not drink more than one drink per day normally, and haven't gotten drunk since ...ummm, can't remember when. Must be at least 5 years or more. Possibly 15.

How ready would you like to be? What's your excuse? As far as I'm concerned, the answers to these questions are up to you.

Your problem. Good luck.

If I see you in an emergency I might try to help you out. After I've taken care of myself and the people I care about and the people in my party. I hope you manage to stay alive while I'm working on those people first.

Also - superstition and mob psychology and panic ...kills. We are all equal before the law - but our cultures are not. If this had gotten started in Sweden - do you really think people would have reacted the way they did in Cambodia? But I guess that might be called racist. If I get another Master's Degree it'll be in Comparative Cultural Studies or similar.

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