Superstition Kills 02. Endangered animals. Idiots.


Not all "alternative medicine" and herbal-aroma-therapy hocus pocus is humbug and scams. But yeah, a lot of it is. I have no problem with you spending $10,000 on a Feng-Shui expert to come and make you feel better about your home and give you something to tell the ladies down at the salon about. Go for it.

I don't care if you want to be a fruitarian or Wiccan or practice magic rites or pray to the full moon at Stonehenge. Go for it. Be careful about your diet choices hurting your child, though.

But this crap with hurting animal populations just to feed some superstitious crap in East Asia has got to stop.

Idiots. Rural idiots. Superstitious religious idiots. Go dance around a fire and chant and pray or pay money to some quack who's gonna speak "in tongues" and lay his hand on your head to heal your cancer - instead. Leave the rhino's and the tigers and the bears out of it, please.

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