Superstition Kills 04: Whatever Happened To ADE651 In Iraq?

Questions About Sniffex, ADE651, GT200, H3 Tec, HEDD1, AL-6D and Other Explosive Detectors: Whatever Happened To ADE651 In Iraq?

Holy crap they haven't stopped using these infamous hocus-pocus wands yet?

Harry Potter-esque.


Unknown how many innocent lives lost in Iraq due to this British (and Eastern-European) douchebaggery. Tomfoolery. Cheesedickery. Fraud and cheating is a bit of an understatement here. You're selling and buying stuff that's been proven again and again to NOT WORK. You're using it to try to stop bombs and weapons from killing huge amounts of civilians. You are stupid. You are an emblem of the superstitious, idiotic, no-free-press, no-education (female) and unaccountable governments in the Middle East.

Some day the Iraqis will have to take responsibility for their own affairs. How long can you go on blaming the Americans for the fact that your culture and your politicians (elected by you. Ha!) are SO ****ED UP. Your political parties based on ethnic groups and religious crap like the Sunni-Shia divide. Your eight months of political no-government deadlock.

You people deserve each other.

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