Tolerance, bullying, LGBT agenda.

Each individual community should have a right to say what goes on in its schools. Minorities need protections - to a degree. You do not have the right to force schools in extremely conservative parts of the country to start teaching that homosexual acts and non-traditional families are SUPER COOL. Should such things be mentioned?

Sure - in sex ed, e.g. But let's start that in high school or somesuch. No need to start telling middle school kids about anal sex.

So let's strike a balance here between bullying - which most people would argue against and I would argue against MOST of the time - kids need to be kids too. I was bullied, and I have sometimes bullied. I'm a bit messed up, but not horribly so. I'm also a strong person. Bullying does not equal teasing. A person who makes fun of ONE person ONCE is not automatically a bully.

Bullying to me is a pattern OVER TIME. Something that's clearly wrong to the average reasonable impartial observer. If you're in a conservative part of the country and you decide to "come out" and be extremely overt about your non-traditional sexual identity as a freshman in High School - you're asking for trouble. In fact, I'm guessing you WANT the trouble so you can FORCE the authorities to defend you in order to change society in your personal favour. Or not, maybe you're just a kid with as many issues and troubles as I had growing up. Or more. Just watch out and try to be a little smooth about it. Social change takes time.

Is there a LGBT agenda to change education. No. There's a LGBT agenda to change EVERYTHING. Some of that everything I agree with. I do not agree with you trampling all over the rest of society's right to educate their kids as they see fit. Pick a fight with the hateful ways that the Church describes homosexuals and I won't have a problem with it. Pick a fight with neutral language in public schools and I do have a problem with it.

In communities with significant amounts of non-traditional couples this will take care of itself - but one size DOES NOT fit all for the entire country here. Let the state school board become the battleground. I'm cool with that.

If you want 8-year-old kids in San Fran to be taught about anal sex I'm cool with that. Kinda gross, but oh well. If you want to force every middle schooler in the country to learn about same-sex marriage, then maybe the individual communities should have a say in that.

Yeah, I guess I'm a bigot.

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