Truth in politics. Insensitivity. Economics.

"We're going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it's jolly expensive.
"But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that's not very sensible."
Guy making the comments now has to apologize and back off and rah rah this and that.

Hmmmm. How's this work out economics-wise?

You pay money to someone and you encourage that person's behaviour. I pay money to a beggar and he'll be back on the same street corner the next morning, because obviously that place and that behaviour is a money-maker for them.

Ok, emergency support this and that. It's nice to be nice to people. I pay poor people and in return I get to feel better about myself. Yay. People lose their jobs and don't have any savings. You pay them for awhile because it's better for society that way while they get a new job. Hopefully. Or people just take advantage of the system.

You pay people who have kids. Great. You just encouraged that behaviour. You pay people extra money in the military if they have kids - because obviously the work they do for the nation is more than that done by a person without kids. Or maybe not obviously, but the nation needs people, and if you need more kids then pay more money to the families that have kids, at least.

But if you set up your welfare state to pay money to poor people with kids, then HELLS YES you're encouraging poor people to have more kids. The kids who grow up in that environment aren't exactly offered the greatest possible start in life. Public school, at least. Opportunities to fight your way out of the situation if you really really want it.

In short, the guy said exactly the right thing. He's now being jumped all over by the bleeding hearts and the spend spend spend tax tax tax social equality people. Sure we need taxes. Sure we need social support programs. To some limit. Debating this limit is a good thing, and healthy for society.

Trying to stop people from speaking their mind about it is wrong.

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