Tell you what, Mr. Netanyahu - you get your settlers out of anything past the 1967 Green Line and we'll definitely think about getting tough making sure that Iran doesn't get the same kind of nuclear weapons you threaten your neighbours with. No, no American soldiers are gonna die to keep the same weapons you have surreptitiously developed from the hands of your enemies - until it looks like they'll actually use them, in which case the entire world will jump all over them.

You've got nuclear weapons. Time to fess up and join the NPT group and eventually regain a bit of all that moral high ground you've been losing steadily - right now you're looking like the evil landlord and landthiefs who keep pushing for "new realities on the ground" as much as you possibly can. Yeah - let's see what would happen if the dirty scoundrels the Palestinians tried to set up some Arab-only settlements inside Israel. Probably get booted out of there in a hurry. But I guess it's okay for your particular religious and ethnic groups to do that to your neighbours. F*** them, right?

There are simply no good options here for any US administration. We need Iran to cool its heels on Afghanistan. We need Iran to cool its heels on Iraq. We simply cannot afford a third war. Israel attacking by itself is a nightmare scenario. You do that and you just pushed a majority of the US population into "hey, them terrorists who hate us because of Israel might just have a point."

The US can ONLY do sanctions and non-hostile covert stuff UNTIL the Iranians actually go berserk with this crap. Which I highly doubt they will. They will THREATEN with it. In fact, they're gonna have nukes pretty soon, and there's NOTHING that any Texas cowboy or Chicago black guy or Alaskan tea party pitbull can do about it. It sucks, but there's no good options. Foment unrest in Iran, I guess - but that's insanely risky. With little chance of success and tons of blowback risk. It's not worth it.

Mega-super pressure on anyone doing business with Iran. Which leads me to Israel exporting weapons technology about everywhichway it feels like. Like, American enemies. Yeah, how about NOT doing that?

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