US-Russian drug raid in my country? Hell no!


Your country has a drug problem. It has a culture of corruption and weak transparency and governance. I don't expect that to fix itself in a hurry. I'm okay with a little corruption, as long as it gets better over time and doesn't slide into Russia territory. GETS. BETTER. OVER. TIME.

I'm not excusing corruption - that stuff hurts your country, hurts the US military and just makes it more likely that your administration will fall when we leave.

That said, getting rid of druggies is never a bad thing. Give us a little bit of credit here, please?

...THAT said, the people running this op shoulda let someone know. Not many, just someone. Maybe bring a local guy along for the ride without letting him in on where or what to preserve OPSEC. Stands to reason that when you're operating on someone's territory you try to work with them on issues like OOPS MEDIA INTEREST.

So - bad on the Russians and US guys for not being a bit more sensitive to your needs. (Anyone else reminded of the great opening scene between Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in The Mexican?)

Bad quality, I know, but best I could find, it's only the audio that matters anyways.

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