Wikileaks. Bullet-dodging.


Looks like the world dodged a bullet here today. US gov't ability to do its work is downgraded. Ability to deal with foreign states and individuals downgraded. Efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan to accomplish US objectives and GET THE HELL OUT have been hurt.

But I don't see anything major blowing up. A lot of pissed off people, but no major airstrikes or wars breaking out. Bad stuff - yes. Horrific disaster - not so much. Individual ruins out of well laid plans - yes.

Mr. Morin raised the delicate topic of whether Israel could strike Iran without American support.
Mr. Gates responded “that he didn’t know if they would be successful, but that Israel could carry out the operation.”
Then he added a stark assessment: any strike “would only delay Iranian plans by one to three years, while unifying the Iranian people to be forever embittered against the attacker.”

Smart man, that Gates guy. There are no good options here. If you think this is a partisan issue you can blame Obama or Bush for, think again. This is long term and religious and Arab and Persian and cultural and the Middle East Dark Ages and whatnot.

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