Wikileaks war effort. Iraq. Afghanistan.


Ok, so you're a liberal, educated, snarky European and oh-so-superior to those idiotic war-mongering cowboys across "the Pond". Fine.

You disagree with how the U.S. has waged war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fine.

You yourself have never carried a gun trying to defend democracy or innocent people - or to make the world a better place for people you have never met - or tried to improve the lot of millions of girls and boys deprived of opportunities and education. Fine.

And you work actively to hurt U.S. efforts to ensure a stable situation and a reasonably speedy withdrawal without chaotic repercussions from Iraq and Afghanistan. Not fine. Go **** yourself, Mr. Assange. Rot in a dungeon in Pakistan or someplace else in the Middle East. With a little luck you'll die in a terror attack and then there'll be a little poetic justice in this world.

Releasing a crapton of military and diplomatic reports will only prolong the current U.S. involvement in the places you want us out of. If we just pull out willy-nilly the whole thing will turn to crap.

You do not disinterestedly serve the needs of a public that has a right to know. You're just doing this out of spite - trying to get a jab in any way you can. You just want to hurt the US and its armed forces any which way you possibly can try to do so.

Up yours. You're an enemy of progress and an enemy of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. You deserve to be rendered there for trial and judgement. The world would be a better place without you, Mr. Assange. Wikileaks without a reasonably neutral leadership is just a danger to the world, just like Ariel Sharon and unlimited US support for Israel.

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