With the cops on this one. Mostly. Sorry.


Racism? Entirely possible.
Public drunkeness? Entirely possible.
Police excessive force? Possible - but I didn't see it in the video.

You get arrested for public intoxication or whatever. You don't agree with it. You are now going to get strip searched.

But you don't like that either. Problem is, some of the people who don't like that have weapons and drugs and whatnot concealed in their socks or underwear or wherever. And you wouldn't like us to not search THOSE people for that kind of stuff, since they're gonna end up in the sam damn holding cell as you are - oh so innocently - in.

You may very well be completely innocent. I believe you. But we won't find that out until you've gone before a judge or jury or whatever. Due process, all that.

So you have to be strip searched. Now you're resisting and you spit in the face of an officer and you're struggling against multiple people because YOU'RE PRETTY DRUNK. Or very very very stupid. Or you - again, stupid - don't realize that there's three or four of them and only one of you.

You do something to the female officer to make her flinch real hard - looks like a kick or a slap or a spit or something. The female officer knees you pretty good to get you subdued so she can do her job. Looked to me like there was a reason why she did it, just can't tell exactly why.

Then you really manage to hurt one of the officers. Now you're just gonna get it. Sorry. They're not gonna be gentle - and plenty worse than they were before. You manage to mule kick one of them. Do you really expect a bunch of underpaid civil servants who are tired and just want to go home to take that lightly? You're doing everything in your power to **** with these people.

But as soon as YOU are the victim of a crime you'll be screaming bloody murder why don't the cops do more to help me!

Sure you might be the victim here. But sure doesn't look like that from watching the video. Should you have gotten a coverall or something after you lost control of your bladder/bowels - conceivably due to being too drunk? Sure. Is it the officers' responsibility to be able to tell that you need a new set of clothes?

Well hell yes it is. If you rip the top off of a female prisoner I think you should reasonably provide that female with a new t-shirt or coverall. Given that the person may be too uncooperative or drunk to make use of it or to even accept it. Given that you may have just really badly wounded one of the officers. Screw it - maybe you should just sit there for a while and calm down until the officers can reasonably expect you not to mule kick them again. Why should I try to help you and try to get you a new set of clothes when you just managed to kick the crap out of one of my friends and colleagues?

Resisting arrest? Almost definitely - unless you're gonna go with the "they used excessive force first after an unlawful arrest".

Racism and sexism? Sure, entirely possible. But I wouldn't convict these officers based only on that video. Why? Because I have a reasonable doubt that you precipitated this whole sequence of events by extremely forcefully resisting people doing their jobs and performing a search that's entirely legal and in fact necessary to protect other people arrested.

If you hadn't managed to kick the crap out of that one female officer, then maybe this entire thing could've have been avoided. Yes, three officers should be able to handle one little girl - but even little girls can kick like hell - and accidents happen where an inmate is in position for just a fleeting moment to really do some damage like you apparently did.

After going back over the video I'm thinking the initial knee-strikes were due to the girl not cooperating, not any specific hit or spit. I could be wrong.

Then you can't really tell exactly what it was that injured the female officer. Funny thing is I can't tell if the tape has been intentionally cut to obscure the stuff that the young girl did to hurt or resist her captors - or if that's just the bad quality of the tape. Again, inconclusive.

Can't honestly tell whether I think the video demonstrates excessive force. But I sure can tell that the girl is resisting. Whether that's justified or not, I don't know. Could conceivably be justified depending on the arrest itself and what happened on the way to the scene in the video.

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