Attitudes. In-grained defensiveness. Rumours.


There was also rife speculation about how so many sensitive documents could have become public - and suspicion, in Beijing and in Arab capitals, that the U.S. government may actually be complicit in the leaks.
"Is there some tacit understanding between the Web site and the U.S. government?" asked the lead editorial in Wednesday's edition of the Global Times, an English-language tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party's newspaper, the People's Daily.
"The powerful and ubiquitous CIA has not been able to identify the source of the sudden leakage of diplomatic secrets," the Global Times said. "It sounds more or less unconvincing."
"It's all deliberate," Mozah al-Malki, a prominent Qatari psychologist, told Qatar's Peninsula newspaper, voicing a common sentiment. "We can clearly see through the ploy. The idea of the so-called leaks is to further intensify tension between Iran" and the Arab gulf states.

You people deserve your government and your repressive religion and your hatred of anything that's free or open or transparent or different-looking than yourselves. These types of conspiracy theories stem in large part from a superstitious, tribal, family-first-last-and-always tradition - and also from a deep-seated need to feel superior and smart and be able to "...clearly see through the ploy."

You accuse the US government of being capable enough to orchestrate these leaks, which plainly hurt our standing in the world and our ability to operate - and yet accuse the same people of being incapable of doing it in a convincing manner. Make up your mind - we are either capable and smart and control everything and able to make you believe whatever we want you to believe - or we are too stupid to do these things.

Occam's Razor, people. If something is too far-fetched to sound easily doable, it probably is. The US government and federal agencies leak like a sieve. Our free press guarantees that we can't get too carried away in the assassination or double-dealing business. We'd get caught trying to "organize" things via Wikileaks, and **** would hit the fan real hard.

But I suppose that's a too foreign concept for someone who grows up in a tribal, backward, religiously dominated society where the press is an instrument of the ruling elite.

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