Conspiracy theory. Anyone who doesn't think like I do is evil and conspiring against me.

In a statement dictated to his mother from his jail cell Assange said "we now know that Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and others are instruments of US foreign policy", referring to the way in which these large companies had decided not to provide service to Wikileaks.
...And similar comments by him and/or his lawyer about the rape charges in Sweden. And Iraqi politicians saying the Wikileaks publication of the diplomatic cables were a direct conspiracy to attack HIM. And the Russians (?) saying it was done on behest of the US gov't as an attack on THEM. Etc.


...is the standard by which all conspiracy theories should be judged.
The simplest answer is usually the correct answer.
"Simple" here meaning still in accordance with the commonly accepted laws of physics and reality and all that.

How about Visa, Mastercard and Paypal just don't want to deal with the problems that come from doing stuff that the US Justice Dept considers ...ahem, ILLEGAL?

Yeah, how about that? How about any random business deciding that continuing to do business with people involved in illegal activity and doing stuff that's in direct contradiction with US national security and the best interests of currently deployed troops and State Dept employees just isn't really the cool thing to do? Not to mention the possible PR nightmare?

Essentially, this idiot is living in his own fantasy world where anyone who doesn't agree with him is automatically against him and conspiring to stop him.

Sounds kinda like George W. Bush imho. He was all black and white like that, too. "You're either for us or against us." Or similar.

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