Corruption. Afghanistan. Russia. Etc. THEORY.


We need people with hidden cameras. Stings. The type of stuff that burnt the ACORN community association. We need incontrovertible video proof.

If you'd just drive from one end of Russia to another and video tape every single cop pulling you over asking for a bribe, you'd do Russia and the world a huge favour.

If you went to Afghanistan and posed as a developer and videotaped every single person who asked you for a bribe, you'd be doing Afghanistan and the U.S. and the world a huge favour.

Fundamentally, all societies eventually (in peacetime, when all of that society is not under extreme threat of annihilation) need a free press. Muck-rakers. People digging out embarrassing stuff on politicians and police and military and corrupt this or that and evil profiteering bosses and whatnot.

In fact, I believe so much in the free press that WHILE I DISAGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAY, I'LL FIGHT TO THE DEATH TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT. (Whatsername Brit chick paraphrasing Voltsisface).

So fundamentally Wikileaks is a great awesome idea that the world in fact, does need. I'm in favour of Wikileaks the idea. But Mr. ASSange has turned it into his own personal anti-United States crusade. He doesn't care about the consequences of the stuff he puts out - he just wants it to hurt the US and what we're trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's so tunnel-visioned on his anti-Americanism that he can't see the little people that he's hurting by what he's doing.

Your desire and right to speak freely and share information DOES NOT ABSOLVE YOU OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS. You hurt the U.S. in the middle of two wars. You hurt the war effort. You make the wars last longer and go worse. You benefit the Taleban and Al-Qaeda.

If you even tried to a little bit do to them what you're doing to the good guys, then I'd have no problems. But you're not. Because you can't. So you hurt whatever you can. The U.S. is an easy target. So you cloak yourself in the mantle of free speech and anarchism and anti-authority sentiment, and you close your eyes to the anguished cries of the poor and the downtrodden who get caught in the lengthening crossfire of the war for a stable, free Iraq and a non-Sharia ruled Afghanistan free from terrorist groups.

Wikileaks is a great idea. Whistleblowers are sometimes needed. Pentagon papers. Abu Ghraib. Waterboarding. Coups and assassinations a little bit everywhere. Iran-Contra.

But you're still responsible for what you do and what happens due to your actions. Now you have blood on your hands. Other people (G.W. Bush, Cheney, John Yoo + friends, Rumsfeld etc.) may have more - but you're not hurting them, you're hurting innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shame on you, New York Times, Mr. Assange, The Guardian (how's that for a misnomer?) and to some extent - Der Spiegel. Shame on you, naive supporters of Wikileaks who can't see the dead civilians and the horrors of prolonged war and who are so angry at the actions of the LAST administration that you don't see that all we want ("we" being the vast majority of the people who make up the US military/intelligence/government) is to make the best of a crappy situation in the Middle East so we can go home and get busy with other stuff.


Ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, whose alleged victims included Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, MCI Worldcom, SBC, America Online and others, said today that Bradley Manning was "induced and aided" by co-conspirators in what is rapidly becoming USA v. Wikileaks.
Lamo said, adding ".... it would be irresponsible in the extreme for us to not use all the tools available to us in bringing them to justice.

Leaning forward, almost imperceptibly, Lamo emphasized: "All the tools." 
Lamo put forth his personal and heartfelt sympathy to Bradley Manning for his extended detention, encouraging Manning to extend all possible cooperation needed to cement his acceptance of responsibility, adding hopes that Manning returns to serving his country honorably by exposing those who would threaten the lives of its citizens through acts of information-sabotage.  
Yep, it's pretty much USA v. Wikileaks now - and Mr. Assange made it that way. He could have taken the high road and gone after all countries, but he didn't. He just wanted to hurt someone, any way he could. He just wanted to hurt the US due to what the last administration initiated. Too bad. Or maybe people will come to realize that he's on an anti-American binge, or that it's his own personal anarchist and anti-US agenda that's driving this, not a desire to expose corrupt politicians.

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