End of DADT.


I have never been in combat. I have never served in a unit that expected to go to war anytime soon. I volunteered for Iraq and Afghanistan 3 times and was told I was too senior, too crucial to my then-current unit and the Navy website that supposedly allowed people to put their name in the hat didn't work.

The vast majority of currently serving US military will have not much trouble at all with the end of DADT. The situation is a bit different in more hardcore, more macho, more warrior-like cultures like frontline Army, USMC, Teams and Divers etc. That said, most people there will learn to deal with it after a while. Some people will get hurt. There'll be ugly incidents. A LOT of people will get butt-hurt and pissy and angry and hateful.

Oh well. It's discrimination based on other people's sexual preference. Shut up, do your job, don't cause trouble. If you're a gay agenda activist and want to change society by throwing your sexual preferences in everyone's faces then you don't belong in the military. Mission comes first. Get. The. Job. Done.

End of story. Let's just move on now, can we?

Storm in a bloody teacup. Chill the hell out. Eventually even the most hardcore Marines will figure out that this is about protecting freedom and non-discrimination and doing what's right and that there's actually cool and hard-working people who just don't go to the same bars as us normal people do, and who don't like Playboy and Penthouse like most normal red-blooded American men do.

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