Freedom of Speech. France.


I have no problems with this. To me, Freedom of Press and Speech are not black and white or absolute either you have it or you don't - it's a greyscale running all the way from "publish this and die" to freedom to speak hate and incite violence and insult people and wake them up at 0230 in the morning with your loudspeakers going through a sleepy suburb.

Abderrahmane Saidi, 26, was at a local government office on Tuesday when he grabbed a flag and snapped the pole in two during a row with a clerk.
A July decree made insulting the tricolour an offence punishable by a fine of up to 1,500 euros.
The rule was triggered by a photo of a man wiping his bottom with the flag.
Saidi was sentenced by a court in Nice. It also gave him a four-month suspended prison sentence and ordered him to attend citizenship classes.
French citizen? Muslim? France already has issues with its large Muslim population, and stuff like this won't make those issues easier. The country also has a rich history of racism.

Then you have people like the Westboro Baptist Church idiots. And people putting up videos on Youtube of allied soldiers being shot or blown up in Afghanistan and Iraq.

To me there has to be some sort of limits on this crap. I'm thinking France saying you can't wipe your butt with the national flag is a good start.

Wouldn't bother me if you outlawed burning the US flag - but wouldn't bother me much if you didn't, either. I'm more concerned with the inciting racial and religious and other types of hatred.

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