Gaza. War is coming.

A senior Israeli army officer has told the BBC that as long as Hamas remains in control of the Gaza Strip, another war is "only a question of time".
He said the Palestinian Islamist group had re-armed so much since the Israeli offensive two years ago that it was now in a stronger position militarily.
The announcement came after Palestinian militants for the first time used a Kornet tank-piercing missile.
On 6 December the Russian-made laser-guided missile - which carries 10kg (22lb) of high explosive - penetrated the tank's armour, but did not injure its crew. 
You've bottled these people up for a long time. You've let smuggling be their only way of getting goods and services. You've kept them in what is essentially a ghetto and put your own civilians in little Jewish-only enclaves around their villages. You've built Jewish-only roads. You've let this become a cause cel├ębre in the Arab and European world. You've let this become a massive inspiration for money and arms donations to both Hamas and other terrorists.

The one single entity with the highest stake in a strong, successful Gazan economy is Israel. And they've failed miserably in making that political moderate and economic success happen. Now you're stuck with Hamas. You reap what you sow. I wouldn't want to be the IDF guy in charge of this sector - 'cause he's looking at a looong long time of entrenched militants and a very uphill battle for any political moderates.

So is Israel to blame for everything here? Hell, no. American intransigence on the settlers. Religious settler organizations. Arabs contributing money to both bad guys and people whom they have no clue about as far as where the money goes. Racists and religious fanatics in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The REAL anti-semites. The kind of people who write Saudi Arabian textbooks describing Jews as inherently evil. The stuff about Jews drinking blood and sacrificing babies and all that.

But yeah, the solution to this isn't to smash the Gazans to pieces - that's what's been happening for how many years now? It just pushes the population further toward Hamas. You need to build schools and make that economy work. You need to make Israel be the good guy in Gaza. You don't need the Arab world to fix this. The solutions are all in your own hands. Start with what YOU CAN do right now - and then later on you can worry about what you WANT OTHERS to do.

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